Three retreat guests sitting on a tree

Brotherhood by the Bog

"A Shift in Perspective"

April 5-7, 2024

This year's event is virtual and free to attend.

Topics will include shapeshifting, spirit walking, glamour, liminal spaces, and other related topics.

Guest Presenters

Eric Eldritch

Eric Eldritch

Radical Faerie, Urban Mystic, Priestx of Stone Circle Wicca

Denny Sargent

Denny Sargent

Author, University Instructor, Presenter

Unnamed Path Presenters

Adam Pratter

Adam Black

Unnamed Path, Folk Magic, and Traditional Craft

Sawyer Massie

Sawyer Massie

Unnamed Path, Teacher, Warlock, and Folk Magician

Arcadia Staff Presenters

David Coffman

David Coffman

Pagan Attorney, Occultist, LGBTQ+ Advocate


Mel Mystery

Druid, Organizer, Writer, Podcaster

Roger Scott


Stone Circle Wiccan

Gwydion Ream

Mike Gwydion Ream

Chaos Magician, Performer