November 3-5, 2023

A spiritual retreat for Queer Pagan Men
and our Allies.

This year’s Arcadia retreat is virtual
and free to attend!

Theme: Otherworld Spirits

Guest Presenters

Eric Eldritch

Eric Eldritch

Radical Faerie, Urban Mystic, Priestx of Stone Circle Wicca

Anthony Nelson

Anthony Nelson

Wicca, Hermetic Magic, Druidism, Sanse

Tomas Prower

Tomás Prower

Latinx author, Licensed Mortuary Professional

Unnamed Path Presenters

Sawyer Massie

Sawyer Massie

Unnamed Path, Teacher, Warlock, and Folk Magician

Adam Pratter

Adam Black

Unnamed Path, Folk Magic, and Traditional Craft



Unnamed Path, Anderson Feri, and Reiki Master

Frank Serio

Frank Serio

Unnamed Path, Tarot Practitioner, Spirit Haven

Matthew Sydney

Matthew Sydney

Unnamed Path, Teacher, Musician, and Writer

Arcadia Staff Presenters

David Coffman

David Coffman

Pagan Attorney, Occultist, LGBTQ+ Advocate


Mel Mystery

Druid, Organizer, Writer, Podcaster

Roger Scott


Stone Circle Wiccan

Gwydion Ream

Mike Gwydion Ream

Chaos Magician, Performer

Those who dwell in Arcadia seek out that secret Eden because of its isolation from the troubled world and its safety from the arrogant demands of those who would deny freedom, curtail human action, and destroy innocence and love.

Byrne R.S. Fone

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