Arcadia: An East Coast Gathering for Queer Pagan Men and our Friends

 Discovering Arcadia: Empowering Queer Men's Spirituality

 Rainbow Pentagram

"Those who dwell in Arcadia seek out that secret Eden because of its isolation from the troubled world and its safety from the arrogant demands of those who would deny freedom, curtail human action, and destroy innocence and love." - Byrne R.S. Fone


Coming Fall 2019!!!


Theme: Discovering Arcadia: Empowering Queer Men's Spirtuality

What:  A Queer-positive Pagan men's gathering open to men of all orientations, spiritual paths, and backgrounds.

When: We're looking toward August, September, or October 2019.  Exact dates to be determined.  We'll try to avoid conflicting with other similar gatherings, if possible.

Where: Somewhere in (or near) Virginia.  Exact location to be determined.

Why: Because there's a need for such a gathering on the East Coast.  The nearest Queer Pagan men's camping gathering is in Ohio. 

Who: Anyone over 18 who identifies as Pagan or Earth-based spirituality who is also gay, bi, queer, or trans. We will not turn away any respectful seeker regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual path.


We expect to determine a location and have registration available by the end of March 2019.  Some details might be added earlier.


Please consider joining our Facebook group to keep up-to-date.