Workshops are tentative and are subject to change. 

If you would like to propose or lead a workshop, or be on one of our panels, please see the  "Arcadia Workshop Proposals" page.

Presenting a workshop or serving on a panel counts as a work shift. 

2021 Workshops and Discussions

Connecting with Your Spiritual and Magickal Guides -- What types of spiritual and magickal guides can you have?  How do you connect with them?

Icebreaker and Introductions around the Campfire - Just what it says. Let's get connected!

Reconnecting with Your Spirituality and Your Life Purpose -- Do you feel lost on your personal path?  Has your spiritual practice lost its zest?  Are you searching for greater meaning in your life?  We'll talk about strategies to connect or reconnect with your spirituality and  purpose.

Welcome Talk: The Importance of Connections in Our Lives – Why is it important to have healthy social and magickal connections in our lives?

Why is it so hard for Gay and Bi Pagan Men to Connect? --  As Pagan men who love men, we are often spread out across vast distances.  As gay men we are often find it hard to connect with other men.  As Pagans, the Divine is often portrayed and practiced in heterocentric ways.  In this guided discussion, we'll discuss why connecting is so hard and ways to connect with each other in our own Queer affirming ways.  Facilitated by Mel Mystery.

Connecting with the Greek God Hermes Who is the Greek God Hermes?  What is his magick?  How do you connect with him?



Opening Ritual -- A brief ritual to declare magickal space, to set intentions for the weekend, and to affirm our connections to each other as we start the weekend.

Main Ritual:  Rite of Hermes -- This ritual will honor the Greek god Hermes and initiate the Magician's Journey toward interconnectedness.

Closing Ritual -- A brief ritual to close magickal space, to acknowledge what we learned, and to affirm our connections to each other as we prepare to part ways.


Other Activities

Carve Your Own Jack-o-Lantern -- Bring your own pumpkin of any size, as well as a knife or pumpkin carving kit.  The Jack-o-Lanterns will help decorate our Samhain Party later in the evening.

Drum and Dance Circle -- What could be more Pagan than drumming and dancing around a fire or on the beach?  Bring your drums and other instruments! 

Pan at the Disco: Samhain Party –  We’ll have Halloween, Pagan, and dance music as well as a disco ball.  This will likely take place around the campfire, or under our main canopy.  BYOB.  Guests are encouraged to dress up.  We especially encourage costumes with mystical/magickal themes --  your favorite deity, mythological creatures, faeries, etc.  In lieu of a formal DJ, we encourage folks to bring their favorite Halloween, Pagan, and Dance music to share (CD and MP3 format).