We are currently looking for:

A second business partner to invest in and to help manage the business. This individual will have some business experience and will be able to invest anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 in the business.  This partner will be half owner in the business and land, and will be responsible along with the primary partner for the day-to-day running of the campground resort.

In the future, we will be looking for:

A food vendor (or possibly two) will be needed to offer meal plans.  There might be room to grow into a full restaurant / bar on site as the campground expands.  We will need at least one food vendor to offer meal plans to campers at campground gatherings and conferences.   Food vendor(s) need to be identified and contracted no later than 6 months before the opening of the campground resort. Restaurant space might be available in the future as the campground expands. A later restaurant might also serve as a gay bar to the nearby rural community on evenings and weekends. Space for a separate snack bar might also become available as the campground expands. 

Shareholders might be needed to buy stock in the business. Up to 30 shares in the business might be sold to help fund buildings and land features.  At least two types / classes of shares might be offered within a price range of $5,000-10,000 per full share.  Half shares might also be offered.  The two types / classes of shares would be differentiated by differences in rights and responsibilities as a shareholder.  This may include different preferences for payout or rights to have a voice and vote on our board of advisors.  Returns will be paid out of profits over a specified period (likely 10 years).  It is hoped that at the end of the 10 year period, the business owners will be in a position to buy back any shares from shareholders.  A terms sheet specifying terms for each type of stock would be drawn up with the assistance of an experienced financial advisor and a business attorney before any shares are sold.  The majority of funds raised from selling stock would go into buildings and land features. 

Crowdfunding may be used to fund equipment, appliances, furnishings, and so forth.  Pledges over certain thresholds will be offered annual and lifetime memberships.  Other perks such as access passes, free campsite reservations, etc. may be available based on the amounts of funds pledged.

Donors will be sought to fund specific buildings, features, or projects.  Donors might be honored by naming a building or land feature after them and/or by listing their names on a plaque, on the website, etc.

People to attend fundraisers.   Fundraising events will likely begin after the land is purchased.  They will continue as long as needed, even after the campground resort has opened.

Members to enjoy the campground resort.  As a private membership resort, everyone attending events, reserving campsites, or otherwise using the resources on-site will need to be members. We will offer charter memberships and early reservations once the grand opening is in sight. 

Groups seeking a place to host their gatherings and events. Our primary focus will be on LGBTQ, Pagan and other alternative groups and gatherings.  Secondary markets may include fetish communities, polyamorous folks, sci-fi / fantasy groups, and so on.

Please note:

We will not start selling shares or accepting money until after the land has been purchased and until the business has been incorporated. However, we will start accepting pledges and will start a mailing list.  There will be several ways you can invest in the business or otherwise contribute to its success.