Brotherhood by the Bog: A Spiritual Experience for Pagan and Pagan-friendly Men

Strange Magick: Off the Beaten Path

April 22-24, 2022


We're still virtual this year!

This year's event is free!!!

Our theme:

Our theme this year is "Strange Magick: Off the Beaten Path."  It is our goal to highlight Pagan paths and practices beyond the more familiar Wicca, Witchcraft, Druidry, and Norse Paganism. 


Brotherhood by the Bog

Brotherhood by the Bog is an annual men's spiritual and bonding experience. Our event usually takes place in the spring at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach, but this year we've decided to go VIRTUAL for a second year in a row. The focus is primarily Pagan though all respectful seekers are welcome. We welcome men of all sexual orientations and backgrounds.

This year the retreat is being co-sponsored by Brotherhood by the Bog and the Tidewater Spirit Coalition men's group.


Be sure to join our general Facebook group for to receive general announcements about Brotherhood by the Bog and future events.

If you plan to attend any or all of the Virtual Brotherhood by the Bog 2022, please join this Facebook group.  The "Virtual Brotherhood by the Bog Attendees" Facebook group is where we will post Zoom links to workshops and activities, share links to video, and communicate during the virtual retreat.


Want to host a workshop?

Do you dabble in Discordianism? Are you crazy about Chaos Magick?  Are you vocal about Voudoun?  Are you happy about Hermetics?  Can you speak on Shamanism?  Do you practice African, South American, Asian, Mexican, Indian, or other Pagan / Magickal traditions?  Do you practice a unique LGBTQ form of magick?  Do you shapeshift or summon strange beasts?  If so, you might have something to contribute to this year's theme!

We have a number of workshop slots open at this time. Your workshop should be related to the concept of "Strange Magick: Off the Beaten Path", Paganism, Pagan paths and practices, Pagan men, or the men's movement. Rituals, crafts, and other activities are also welcome. We value diversity and would especially like to invite gay and bi Pagan men, Trans men, and Men of Color to present. We will be filling a dozen or more workshop and activity slots. We do not have a specific deadline for workshop proposals though the earlier you get your proposal in, the better chance your workshop will be approved. A full schedule of will be posted to our 2022 Retreat Facebook page as we get closer to the event.

Send your workshop proposals This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to put "BBTB Workshop Proposal" in the e-mail subject line.