We had hoped to have vendor and networking tables this year.  Due to our change in venue this year, we've had to scale this down considerably.  Why the change?


Rather than offering individual table spaces for groups and events, we will have a table set aside for folks to leave flyers, pamphlets, business cards, and other information about their groups, gatherings, projects, and causes.


Due to park guidelines, we cannot have full scale vending this year.  We will allow individuals attending our retreat to sell crafts, books, music, art, magickal supplies, and so forth under the main tent during lunch and dinner meal hours.  There will be no charge for this, but you are responsible for providing your own small table (not larger than 2' x 4'), for providing any equipment needed to process payments, and for ensuring that you comply with any tax or business regulations (if required).  Please be aware there are no power outlets at our main campsite, and WiFi may be spotty in the campground.

Raffle Donations

If you bring something to sell, we encourage you to donate one or more items to our raffle.  We will sell raffle tickets and raffle off items periodically throughout the gathering.  Any funds raised will go toward this gathering or put aside for next year.