Arcadia Camp Out will be changing our location for the 2021 Camp Out (Why the change?

Our new location this year will be First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach.

The Park

First Landing State Park is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The 2,888 acre park is bordered by the Chesapeake Bay and features a number of different terrains and environments including a beach, wooded areas, and marshes. The park features a visitor center, a tent camping area, cabins, picnic shelters, hiking and biking trails, swimming at the beach, and other amenities.


Campsites and RV sites are on the beach side of the park.  Each campsite includes a fire pit / grill and a picnic table.  Two tents and two cars are allowed per campsite.  Some campsites have water and electrical hookups. There are several public restrooms with showers with hot and cold running water throughout the park.

The Cabins

Cabins are an option for those who do not wish to tent camp.  If you'd rather reserve your own private campsite away from our main camp, reserve your own cabin, or bring an RV, you are welcome to reserve any of these directly from First Landing State Park or by calling (800) 933-PARK.  If you reserve your own cabin, RV site, campsite, stay at a local hotel, or decide not to camp because you live nearby, you are only responsible for paying Day Trip rates to the Arcadia Retreat.

All cabins have AC and heat, a fireplace, a deck, a screened porch, and an outside grill. The kitchen comes equipped with a refrigerator, stove, coffeemaker, a microwave, dishes, and so forth. The bathroom features a shower with hot and cold running water. Each cabin has two bedrooms with one full bed, and two bunk beds.  There's room for at least six people to stay overnight and if we have more, we can always rent cots or make room for sleeping bags.

Day Trippers

Day trippers are welcome.  Out of town folks who don't want to stay with us are welcome to reserve their own cabin, campsite, or RV site in the park or stay in a nearby hotel.


Average temperatures for Virginia Beach in early October typically are in the mid-70s.  Temperatures this time of year rarely go below the mid-50s at night or above the mid-80s during the day.


The address is 2500 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23541. (Additional directions)