Everyone: A camp chair, clothing appropriate for the weather and shoes appropriate for hiking, sunscreen, insect repellent, bottled water or other drinks.

Overnight Guests: Sleeping bag / bedding, personal hygiene products, towel, washcloth, shampoo, soap or body wash, changes of clothes, etc.

Optional: A flashlight or glow sticks, extra snacks, notebook and pen to take notes, and a drum or other percussion instrument.

Items for the Brotherhood Altar:  This year the altar will feature interactive divination tools.  Bring a form of divination (possibly one that you work with or that appeals to you).  This should be something you don't mind other people touching and trying out.

Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.

Times and workshops are tentative and subject to change.  All times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time.  This schedule is in progress and new workshops and activities will be added as they are confirmed. A final schedule will be posted to our 2022 Virtual BBTB Facebook group as we get closer to the event.  Any schedule changes will also be announced via the Facebook group.

We will be adding and updating as workshops, presenters, and times are confirmed.


Friday, April 22, 2022

12pm - Welcome and Introduction to our 2022 Virtual Retreat.  Hosted by Mel Mystery.

1pm -- Introduction to Necromancy.  Presented by Anthony Nelson.

3pm -- Santa Muerte: A Folk Saint on the Edge.  Presented by Ignacio Ceja.

5pm - Dinner Break

6pm - Icebreaker: What Makes You Strange? -- Facilitated by Eric Eldritch.

8pm - Opening Ritual: Off the Beaten Path.  Hosted by Mel Mystery and David Coffman.

9pm -- Quizzard of Odd.  Hosted by Gwydion Ream and Crystal Edelman.

10:30pm -- After hours social.  Hosted by Wes Jolly.


Saturday, April 23, 2022

11am -- Decisive Disclosure: Euphoric Ufology or Ominous Phenomenon?  Presented by Sir Hex Nottingham.

1pm --  Introduction to The Unnamed Path.  Hosted by Adam Pratter, Andrew Berman, Chase, Ken Dell, and Steven Canada.

3pm --  Sigil Magick.  Presented by Gwydion Ream.

5pm - Dinner Break

6pm -- Strange PanelFacilitated by Eric Eldritch with panelists Arlechina Verdigris, Sir Hex Notthingham, and Ken Dell.

8pm -- Main Ritual: Tree Breathing and Raising the Great Crossroads.  Hosted by Initiates of the Unnamed Path.

9pm  - Monster Mashup Game Show.  Hosted by Roger Scott.

10:30pm -- After hours social.  Hosted by Wes Jolly.


Sunday, April 24, 2022

11am -- Ecstatic Traditions of the Mediterranean.  Hosted by Arlechina Verdigris.

1pm -- Pagan Funeral Practices (presentation).  Presented by Tomás Prower.

3pm -- Pagan Funeral Practices (Q&A).  Hosted by Tomás Prower.

5pm - Dinner Break

6pm - Discussion: Getting your bearings...  – Facilitated by Roger Scott.

8pm - Closing Ritual: Returning from the Road Less Traveled -- Hosted by Mel Mystery and David Coffman.

9pm -- "Bring Your Own Pizza" Party and Wind Down Session.



Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.

Folks are encouraged to bring information on their groups, gatherings, projects, and anything they wish to promote. We are not offering vendor space at this event. 

A table or other space might be set-up for sharing flyers, business cards, and so forth throughout the weekend.

Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.

Because this is a focused weekend retreat, we will be including meals in your pre-registration / registration cost. There is no need to purchase an additional food plan. This will help us keep to schedule and keep guests from having to scramble around to hunt, forage, and cook food during the weekend. You are more than welcome to bring your own food or to eat your meals at nearby restaurants, but there's really no need to do so. You are also welcome to bring snacks and drinks, if you would like to supplement the meals provided. For your convenience, there is a Food Lion and a number of restaurants near the campground.

We are providing meals from dinner Friday until breakfast Sunday.  Any meals outside this time frame are your responsibility.

If you have any special dietary restrictions or food allergies, please mention them when you register.

Guests may bring alcohol provided they are of legal age, but alcohol must remain within the confines of the cabin and its immediate grounds.  As this is a State park, public alcohol use is prohibited. Consider transferring any alcohol to another container to make it less obvious.

You do not need to bring your own plates and utensils.  The cabins have basic plates, utensils, and cookware.  Additionally, we will have some paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic utensils on hand, as well as paper towels / napkins.



Some items may be added or substituted based on budget and availability.




Dinner: Assorted pizza and salad.




Breakfast: Sausage (and veggie sausage), eggs, toast, and jelly. 


Lunch: Hot dogs, chips, and sides.


Dinner: Buddha bowls.  Choose from stir fry veggies, rice, choice of meat or meat substitute, and other options.  Also - fortune cookies.




Breakfast: Bagels, cream cheese, and fruit cups.


Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.


There are two cars allowed per cabin (though sometimes we've been able to fit a few more).  Overflow parking is near the picnic area to the right when you pass the gate house on the cabin side of the park.  There is additional parking near the main visitor center on the beach / camping side of the park.  

Parking passes are required for all vehicles within the park.  We are including parking passes in the registration cost for those who register with us before the retreat and will have these for our guests at the cabin.  If you did not register for the retreat ahead of time and plan to "pay at the gate", you are responsible for purchasing your own parking pass upon arrival.  Parking passes are typically around $7 per day.

Cell phone and computer policy

Consider unplugging for the weekend! Connect with nature, spirituality, and other people at the retreat!  Focus on the here and now!  Take a break from your regular contacts and obligations!  Frequent texting and phone calls can distract from the atmosphere of the retreat!

If you absolutely must stay connected, please keep your devices on silent or vibrate and take or make any calls or texts you need to away from the main cabin, workshops, rituals, and other group activities.

There will be one designated staff cell phone that will remain on (but silent) throughout the day so incoming guests can call to locate us. The staff cell phone will also be on in case of emergency.

There is no WiFi service at the cabins or campsites. There is WiFi service, for those who need it, at the main information center.


Photography will be allowed during the event and a staff photographer may be taking pictures for promoting future events. If you wish to take photos, please ensure that those persons in the photos do not mind being photographed. As with the cell phone and computer policy, please keep photography during the retreat as unobtrusive as possible.

Weapons / Bladed Ritual Tools

Bladed ritual tools, swords, daggers, athames, pocket knives, etc will be allowed. However, if they become an issue, we may ask you to put them away.  These items should not be concealed.  Please keep in mind that we are in a public park and that such items could raise the concerns of mundane guests in the park.  If you feel you need to have a gun for protection or defense, we ask that you keep it in your vehicle.


You may bring or partake of alcohol so long as you are over the age of 21, and so long as you do not get out of hand. Individuals who become a problem will be asked to leave.  Virginia State Law and campground policies designate that alcohol may only be used in private areas (inside a cabin or camping-unit).  If you wish to partake of alcohol outside, such as around the campfire, please put it in another container to make it less obvious.

Nudity / Ritual Garb

As the retreat will take place at a public park, nudity is not allowed in public. 

You may bring and wear your ritual garb at your own discretion. As already mentioned, this is a public park and we don't want to spook the mundanes (too much).

Stolen / Lost Items

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We recommend that you keep any valuables, wallets, cash, etc. on your person or locked out of sight in your vehicle.


This event is open to men over the age of 18. Youth over the age of 16 may attend with a parent or other adult guardian.

Work Shifts

All attendees are required to sign-up for a work shift / task throughout the weekend. Primary work shifts will involve helping to cook, cleaning up after meals, getting firewood, tending the fire and grill, and running errands.  Serving on a workshop panel counts as a work shift.

Quiet Hours

Park quiet hours are from 10pm to 6am.  There should be no excessive noise after 10pm.  Drum circles and other loud activities that could disturb other campers in the park should stop by 10pm.

Park Rules and Laws

Park rules and state laws supersede any policies we have for the retreat. 

Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.