Barring any major new twists in the Covid pandemic, we intend to move forward with our in-person camping event this coming October 2021.  Many folks are getting vaccinated, restrictions for in-person events are being lifted, and many businesses and events are reopening.  We are confident that we can safely host this outdoor camp out.

While we hope to eventually draw large crowds, the Arcadia Gathering is a relatively new and small event, so the smaller size will play in our favor to keep people safe.  While we won’t know an exact number until after registration ends, we are expecting this to be more of a weekend retreat than any kind of large gathering.  Our focus is on quality and connection rather than large crowds.  The event also takes place outdoors in the fresh mountain air, and most folks will be camping in their own tents, so this will also help keep people safe.

We know that after over a year of quarantine and physical isolation many people will be looking for events to attend.  Please consider attending the Arcadia Gathering!


Below are some safety and hygiene guidelines to be followed at the gathering

While at the Gathering, the following personal guidelines are recommended: