Discovering Arcadia: Empowering Queer Men's Spirituality


Youths and Satyr
Youths and a Young Satyr by Hans Thoma, 1890 (Public Domain)

"Those who dwell in Arcadia seek out that secret Eden because of its isolation from the troubled world and its safety from the arrogant demands of those who would deny freedom, curtail human action, and destroy innocence and love." - Byrne R.S. Fone


October 9-12, 2019


Theme: Discovering Arcadia: Empowering Queer Men's Spirituality

Patron Deity:  This year we will honor the Greek god Pan.  Pan was one of the primary patrons of ancient Arcadia. He is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature, rustic music, and sexuality.  Pan is known for chasing both nymphs and shepherds alike.

What:  A Queer-positive Pagan men's gathering open to men of all orientations, spiritual paths, and backgrounds.

When: October 9-12,2019. 

Where: Bear Creek Lake State Park in Cumberland, Virginia (less than an hour west of Richmond, VA). 

Why: Because there's a need for such a gathering on the East Coast.  The nearest Queer Pagan men's camping gathering is in Ohio. 

Who: Anyone over 18 who identifies as Pagan or Earth-based spirituality who is also gay, bi, queer, or trans. We will not turn away any respectful seeker regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or spiritual path.




Arrival Day for Campers and Early Introductions

1pm -- Staff arrive, checks in, and starts setting up camp.

4pm and later – Everyone else arrives, checks in, and sets up camp.

6pm – Community Dinner (camp pizzas)

8-10pm -- Introductions and conversations around the fire



Casual day of exploration and recreation.  Today is largely unstructured until after dinner.  Take a hike, go swimming in the lake, rent a paddle boat, or just hang out with new friends. 

If you are attending and would like to present a workshop, activity, or discussion, we can provide a slot on the schedule on Thursday.

8am – Breakfast (Continental)

12noon – Lunch on your own

3pm -- Arcadian Brotherhood Interest Meeting

5pm – Community Dinner (weenie roast)

7pm -- Icebreaker and Introductions around the Campfire

8pm -- Welcome talk: "What is Arcadia?"

9pm -- Moonlight Spirit Walk



Main Day of Workshops.

8am – Breakfast

9am – Morning Moot

10am – Round table Discussion: Arcadia and Utopias

11am -- Workshop: Working with Pan

12noon – Lunch on your own and free time

2pm – Round table Discussion: "How do we Empower Queer Men's Spirituality?"

3pm – Crafts:  Mask Making

4pm - Roundtable Discussion: "Is there a place for sexuality in the sacred?"

5pm – Community Dinner (chili)

7pm – Main Ritual: The Rite of Pan

8-10pm – Pan at the Disco



Closing Day.  Break camp. 

8am -- Breakfast (continental)

8:30am -- Morning Moot

9am -- Round table Discussion: "Where do we go from here?"

10am – Closing ceremonies

10:30am -- Break Camp

12noon – Lunch and wrap-up meeting at a nearby restaurant for anyone who wants to stay