Olympus Campground and Resort will be a private, alternative, adults-only membership-based campground and resort in Central / Eastern Virginia. 

The campground will operate similar to a number of existing LGBTQ campgrounds that cater primarily to gay and bi men.  However, the primary audiences and event themes of the Olympus campground will be expanded to include the greater LGBTQ community,  Pagans, and other alternative communities. Secondary markets may include fetish communities, polyamorous folks, sci-fi / fantasy groups, and so on.  There will be a special focus on Queer and Pagan men, and men involved in the mythopoetic men's movement.

Events will include themed weekends and conferences coordinated by the resort itself, as well as conferences and gatherings hosted by outside groups. Events will mainly cater to our primary and secondary audiences. Live concerts and other special events will also take place.

The campground resort will feature tent campsites, cabins, and RV sites.  Initial buildings will include a gate house, bath house, and dining pavilion. Later buildings may include a main lodge and restaurant, a recreation building, and bunk houses. Other recreational features may include a pool, sauna, hot tub, and recreation field.   An outside food vendor will be contracted to offer meal plans to campers and conferences.  Stages and fire circles will be set throughout the campground for special events.

Overall, the resort will have a Greco-Roman theme.  A separate, but interdependent, Hellenic Temple open to Hellenists and Pagans will likely be built on an adjacent property. If so, this temple may offer community events such as solar and lunar observances, workshops, and classes.

A comprehensive business plan is available upon request to potential investors.

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