Possible Locations Map
They area within the yellow outline is the most likely location for the campground.  A location within reasonable distance of either Petersburg or Farmville would be ideal.

Olympus will be located in a rural / semi-rural place within central Virginia.  Ideally, this will be somewhere within 2-3 hours’ drive of major cities and regions in Virginia including Hampton Roads, Richmond, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke, and Northern Virginia / DC.  The ideal acreage for Olympus is between 12 and 25 acres, with 8 acres being an absolute minimum. Larger acreages up to 50 acres would have the advantages of allowing room for future growth and providing a privacy buffer zone around the main campground. Semi-wooded land with water features such as streams, creeks, or small ponds would be preferable.  However those can be created artificially, if needed.

Below is a map outlining a general area to consider based on proximity to major cities in Eastern and Central Virginia.  The initial map included approximately 21 counties (the outer blue and red zone). This area has been further narrowed to 10 counties in the southern portion of the map (outlined in yellow). The criteria for selecting this area is largely arbitrary and meant to simplify the search.  Mel has friends, family, and connections in the Hampton Roads area as well as southwestern Virginia, so keeping to the southern part of the map seemed fitting.  There is no reason to rule out any land opportunities found anywhere within the entire zone, but focusing on a smaller area should make the search for land more relevant and expedient.  

Two possible search areas zones within the yellow zone seem likely and desirable locations to establish the Olympus Campground and Resort.

Area 1: Along Route 460 between Suffolk and Petersburg.  The primary counties of interest along this route are Sussex and Surry, other counties in this zone include Isle of Wight, Southampton, and Prince George Counties. The zone is convenient to Hampton Roads in the south; Richmond and Petersburg in the north; and Williamsburg to the east. Two private campground resorts already exist in this zone, but they would not likely present any major competition to Olympus.  Their presence may actually provide credibility and precedence allowing Olympus to establish itself there without any major backlash from the local communities.  These two campgrounds are Big Bear Family Campground (formerly Blackwater Campground), a traditionally Pagan campground in Windsor, VA and White Tail Resort, a family nudist resort in Ivor, VA.

Area 2: South of Route 460 between Petersburg and Farmville. The primary counties of interest along this route include Amelia, Prince Edward, Cumberland, Nottoway, and Dinwiddie Counties.  Chesterfield and Powhatan have been excluded as they are too close to the Richmond metropolitan area. The advantage to this zone is that it falls in the center region of Virginia which would put most locations in these counties within approximately three hours’ drive from most major cities and regions in Virginia including Hampton Roads, Richmond, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, Roanoke, and Northern Virginia / DC.  The western part of this area includes Hampden Sydney College (an all-male private college) and Longwood University – both in Prince Edward County.