Workshops are tentative and are subject to change. 

If you would like to propose or lead a workshop, or be on one of our panels, please see the "Workshop Proposals" option on the right "Arcadia Gathering Menu."

Workshops and Panels

Paganism for Newbies -- An overview of Paganism and some of its more common paths. This workshop is ideal for our non-Pagan guests and those who are new to Paganism. This workshop will also highlight how LGBTQ folks might resonate with Paganism and pitfalls to avoid. This workshop will be offered early on the first workshop day of the retreat. (We are looking for someone to lead this workshop.)

Arcadia and Utopias – A panel discussion on the need for Queer spiritual spaces outside of mainstream religions. (We are looking for a handful of folks to be on this panel.)

Is there a place for sexuality in the sacred? -- A panel discussion on the place of sacred sexuality within Queer men's gatherings and spiritual groups.  Can the sexual and the spiritual exist side-by-side?  Is spiritual prudery limited to Abrahamic religions?  How can queer men integrate sexuality into their spiritual practices?  Is there a thing as too much sexual freedom within Queer spirituality, groups, and gatherings? These are a few questions that might be addressed. (We are looking for a handful of folks to be on this panel.)


Main Ritual -- More information to come!

Other Activities

Drum and Fire Circle -- What could be more Pagan than drumming and dancing around a fire?  Bring your drums and other instruments!  More information to come!