Times and workshops are tentative and subject to change.  All times are U.S. Eastern Standard Time.  This schedule is in progress and new workshops and activities will be added as they are confirmed. A final schedule will be posted to our 2021 Virtual BBTB Facebook group as we get closer to the event.  Any schedule changes will also be announced via the Facebook group.

Currently times are only listed if the exact time has been confirmed. 


Thursday, April 22, 2021

1pm - Welcome and Introduction to our 2021 Virtual Retreat. Hosted by Mel Mystery.

3pm - History of Brotherhood by the Bog (presentation).  Hosted by Mel Mystery.

5pm - Dinner Break

6pm - "Show and Spell" Icebreaker (activity).  Facilitated by Eric Eldritch.

8pm - Opening Ritual - A virtual ritual near the Beach featuring Mel Mystery, David Coffman, and Sage Haver.

9pm -- Pagan Game Night (entertainment)- Hosted by Gwydion Ream.


Friday, April 23, 2021

11am - Paganism and the Law (workshop).  Hosted by David Coffman.

1pm - BioCosmic (workshop).  Hosted by Sir Hex Nottingham.

3pm - Self-Care During Difficult Times (presentation).  Hosted by Sage Haver.

5pm - Dinner Break

6pm -- Transformations and Tribulations (panel discussion).  Facilitated by Wes Jolly.

8pm -- Friday Night Ritual.  Hosted by Gwydion Ream.

9pm  - EXTREME, FULL CONTACT, BARDIC/OPEN MIC & DEATH MATCH (entertainment).  Hosted by Gwydion Ream.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

11am - Our Haunted Lives (workshop).  Hosted by Sir Hex Nottingham.

1pm - Walking the Weird Ways (workshop).  Hosted by Gwydion Ream.

3pm - Morbid Magic (workshop).  Hosted by Tomás Prower.

5pm - Dinner Break

6pm - Paganism and the Pandemic (discussion).  Moderated by Roger Scott.

8pm - Main Ritual

9pm -- Alexian Music Concert (entertainment).  Hosted by Alexian.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

11am - Werewolf Sexuality (18+ workshop).  Hosted by Mel Mystery.

1pm -- Ancestral Paganism (workshop).  Hosted by Eric Eldritch.

3pm - Queer Magic (workshop).  Hosted by Tomás Prower.

5pm - Dinner Break

6pm -- Thinking Outside Covid (discussion).  Moderated by Roger Scott.

8pm - Closing Ritual - Virtual ritual at the Native American burial mound.

9pm -- "Bring Your Own Pizza" Party and Wind Down Session (social).


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