1. Do I have to camp if I attend?  You do not have to camp to attend.  Tent spaces are an add-on for those who do want to camp, and not a part of regular registration costs.  If tent camping is not your thing, you are welcome to reserve your own cabin directly through First Landing State Park (or by calling (800) 933-PARK) or stay at a nearby hotel.  If you live nearby, you are welcome to day trip.

2. I missed the registration deadline, but I'd like to camp.  Is this possible?  We've set our deadline so we know how many campsites to reserve and so we can try to get these close together.  If you missed our deadline, but still want to camp, please reserve your own campsite directly through  First Landing State Park or by calling (800) 933-PARK. 

3. Are there bathrooms and showers with hot water?  Yes.  There are a number of public restrooms with showers scattered throughout the campground.  Showers have both hot and cold running water.

4. Do I have to be Pagan to attend? No.  We welcome all respectful seekers.  Our activities and workshops are geared toward Pagan and earth-centered religions, and we will be hosting a few Pagan rituals during the weekend.  If you are okay with this and the topics of the weekend catch your interest, please do join us for the weekend.

5.  Are you friendly to gay, bi, trans, straight attendees? We welcome men of all orientations and masculine identified transgender folks.  Our planning team is made of gay and  straight men.  Unlike some mainstream religions, Pagans are generally very open and accepting of folks of all sexual orientations. We have no scriptures or mandates condemning alternative sexualities or sexuality in general.

6.  I'm a woman and I really resonate with the theme and topic of your retreat.  Can I attend?  We will not turn anyone away who feels they would gain from the weekend.  That said, the focus of our weekend is brotherhood and our workshops and activities will be male and masculine focused.

7.  Are vegetarian meals an option?  Yes.  One of the retreat planners is vegetarian so this is always a consideration.  If you are vegan, have food allergies, or other diet restrictions, please let us know before the retreat and we will try to accommodate you.  Meals are included in your registration price.  You are welcome to bring additional or supplemental food items if you like. 

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