Brotherhood by the Bog: A Spiritual Experience for Pagan and Pagan-friendly Men

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Lost Boys and Neverlands:
Creating Magickal Connections in a Mundane World
March 23-25, 2018

First Landing State Park
2500 Shore Drive
Virginia Beach, VA
Cabin # 11


Brotherhood by the Bog

Brotherhood by the Bog is an annual men's spiritual and bonding experience that takes place in the spring at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach. The focus is primarily Pagan though all respectful seekers are welcome. We welcome men of all sexual orientations and backgrounds.

This year's theme includes:

Finding and connecting with your tribe.
Rediscovering the magick within.
Achieving the balance between your inner adult and your inner child.

Keynote Presenter(s):

Eric Eldritch

Eric Eldritch

Eldritch is a Radical Faerie, Urban Shaman, and Stone Circle Wicca Priest, who lives at the intersection of Sexuality and Spirituality. Eldritch is a community organizer with leadership experience in organizational development based on principles of group identity, sociolinguistics, and cross-cultural relations. Drawing on twenty years of experience in ceremonial and ecstatic forms of worship for ritual construction, he specializes in interfaith worship and spiritual retreat planning. Eldritch consults with Pagan and community groups to create events that organize, energize, and inspire.




Please help us spread the word, by sharing our flyer with your friends and in your community.

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Meals and parking passes are included for those who pre-pay. Registration does not include overnight spaces.  Those are an add-on below.

Pre-registration (available through February 14, 2020): $50 for the entire weekend

Regular Registration (from February 15 to March 16, 2020): $65 for the entire weekend

At the Door

Parking passes are not included in day pass rates.  These must be purchased directly from the park upon entry.  See rates under Add-ons.  Overnight spaces are not available at the door.

Friday -- $15 (Includes dinner)
Saturday -- $50 (includes all meals during the time you are present)
Sunday -- Free


Overnight cabin space (optional add-on): Cost $50 for the entire weekend (i.e. $25 per night). Overnight space is limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We will have at least six overnight spaces available in our main cabin.  We might be able to fit in a few extra overnight guests by renting cots or finding space for sleeping bags, but spaces beyond the first six are not guaranteed.

First Landing Parking Pass -- First Landing State Park requires that all vehicles purchase and display a parking pass. If you preregister or register before March 16, 2020, this will be included at no additional cost in your pre-registration fee. If you plan to pay at the retreat itself, you are responsible for purchasing your own Parking Pass at the entry gate to First Landing State Park for each day you attend. Parking Passes are typically $7 per vehicle per day in March.


Meals: Meals are included in your registration cost. If you have special dietary needs, please specify this on your registration form.

Special Health Needs: If you have any special health needs that we should know about, please include this information on your registration form.

Registration Form: All attendees who pre-pay online will be sent a registration form.  Please complete and return this at your earliest convenience. This not only helps us to better plan the event, it gives you the opportunity to address any special needs you have in advance rather than at the last minute.  If you do not receive a registration form, within two weeks of the retreat, please contact us (see below).

Contact Us

Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Be sure to put "Brotherhood by the Bog" in the subject line.


Online Payment

Due to concerns related to the Coronavirus outbreak, we have decided to cancel the Brotherhood By The Bog retreat for the time being.  We hope to reschedule the retreat for a later date, but do not yet know when that date will be.  We will issue refunds to those who preregistered for the retreat.  Please check this page and our Facebook group periodically for any additional updates.

Regular Registration

$65 for the entire weekend

Deadline March 16, 2020

Registration has ended.

Overnight accommodation

Optional Add-on

$50 for Friday and Saturday nights
(i.e. $25 per night for two nights)

Limited spaces, Available until filled.

Registration has ended.





Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.  


 Times and workshops are tentative and subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, most activities will take place at (or at least start at) the main cabin.

All weekend activities

Your astrological birth chart explained: Sign-up with Nightshade on Friday evening to have your birth chart explained.  For best results, you need to know your birth date and time, and location of your birth.  Nightshade will print our your birth chart overnight and pull people aside during throughout the weekend to go over their charts.  You must attend Friday evening to participate in this as birth charts will be printed off-site between Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Divination Play Table: Various divination tools will be set up on a table for folks to "play" and experiment with during the weekend.  These may include pendulums, scrying mirrors, Tarot decks, and other tools.  Feel free to bring something to share with the play table, but realize that if you put it out there you're giving others permission to use them.


Friday, March 20, 2020

3pm - Staff arrive / set-up

5pm and later – Guest Arrival and Check-in.

6pm -- Dinner

7:30pm -- Opening Ritual -- Cleansing space and affirming safe space.

8-10pm –Icebreaker: Win, Lose, or Draw - Magickal Edition.  Hosted by Nightshade.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

8am – Breakfast and Dream Discussion --  Dreams are often considered messages from the spirit world, as well as our subconscious. Did you dream last night? If you'd like to share, we can talk about what your dreams might mean.

9am – Spirit Hike / Walk -- Receive messages from spirit while hiking in nature.  The hike will be guided by Sage Haver.

11am -- – Bone Divination: How to use bones and curios in divination -- This workshop will be discussing using bones and curios to create your own personalized divination system.  Presented by Connie Picard. 

12noon – Lunch

1pm – – Masculine Energies and Archetypes in the Tarot -- A brief overview of masculine energies and archetypes in the Tarot, followed by an interactive activity identifying male archetypes and energies in specific Tarot figures. Presented by Mel Mystery.

2pm -- Norse Runes -- An overview of Norse Runes.  Participants will have the opportunity to make three Norse Runes of their choice to take home and keep. Presented by Michelle Blake.

3pm – Ogham Tree Divination -- An overview of the Celtic / Druid tree alphabet used for divination.  Participants will have the opportunity to make their own Ogham set from Popsicle sticks and learn how to use them for divination. Presented by Mel Mystery.

4pm – Divination Playtime -- Open time for folks to try out various divination techniques on their own. 

5pm – Dinner

7pm – Main Ritual: Peering through the Veil.  Led by Sage Haver.

8-10pm – Drumming


Sunday, March 22, 2020

8am – Breakfast

8:30-10am -- Pack up and Clean Cabin (we have to be out by 10am)

10am – Closing Ritual and/or hike. 

11am – Lunch at Shorebreak Pizza and Taphouse (2941 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach) for anyone who wants to stick around.  We plan to go to the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. Center after lunch for an ESP workshop.  Additionally, the A.R.E. has a walking labyrinth, occult library, meditation room, and gift shop.

1pm -- ESP Demonstration Class at the A.R.E. Center (for anyone who wants to join us after lunch).  Edgar Cayce is known as the "Sleeping Prophet." He was able to receive messages from beyond the veil while in a sleeping trance.  As such, the visit to his center ties in with the theme of the retreat.


Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.

Everyone: A camp chair, clothing appropriate for the weather and shoes appropriate for hiking, sunscreen, insect repellent, bottled water or other drinks.

Overnight Guests: Sleeping bag / bedding, personal hygiene products, towel, washcloth, shampoo, soap or body wash, changes of clothes, etc.

Optional: A flashlight or glow sticks, extra snacks, notebook and pen to take notes, and a drum or other percussion instrument.

Items for the Brotherhood Altar:  This year the altar will feature interactive divination tools.  Bring a form of divination (possibly one that you work with or that appeals to you).  This should be something you don't mind other people touching and trying out.

Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.

Because this is a focused weekend retreat, we will be including meals in your pre-registration / registration cost. There is no need to purchase an additional food plan. This will help us keep to schedule and keep guests from having to scramble around to hunt, forage, and cook food during the weekend. You are more than welcome to bring your own food or to eat your meals at nearby restaurants, but there's really no need to do so. You are also welcome to bring snacks and drinks, if you would like to supplement the meals provided. For your convenience, there is a Food Lion and a number of restaurants near the campground.

We are providing meals from dinner Friday until breakfast Sunday.  Any meals outside this time frame are your responsibility.

If you have any special dietary restrictions or food allergies, please mention them when you register.

Guests may bring alcohol provided they are of legal age, but alcohol must remain within the confines of the cabin and its immediate grounds.  As this is a State park, public alcohol use is prohibited. Consider transferring any alcohol to another container to make it less obvious.

You do not need to bring your own plates and utensils.  The cabins have basic plates, utensils, and cookware.  Additionally, we will have some paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic utensils on hand, as well as paper towels / napkins.



Some items may be added or substituted based on budget and availability.




Dinner: Assorted pizza and salad.




Breakfast: Sausage (and veggie sausage), eggs, toast, and jelly. 


Lunch: Hot dogs, chips, and sides.


Dinner: Buddha bowls.  Choose from stir fry veggies, rice, choice of meat or meat substitute, and other options.  Also - fortune cookies.




Breakfast: Bagels, cream cheese, and fruit cups.


Please use the Brotherhood by the Bog link menu to the right of this page to navigate to other retreat specific pages.