Arcadia 2020 will be held at Arcadia Sanctuary in Amherst County, Virginia.

From the folks at Arcadia Sanctuary:

CreekArcadia Sanctuary is set on 25 acres of some of the most beautiful ground around. Land that has seen a lot of changes especially in the last 100 years and still remains amazing. It is set along side Thrashers Creek Road which once boasted a thrashing mill. The Land was farmed in the early 20th century and original house, now known as ‘the Dragon House was built around the 1930’s. It was the only building on the site when it was purchased in January 1996 as a tumbledown shack with holes in the walls, floors and roof. There was an outhouse sited where the chicken house now stands. No plumbing or electricity. Over the years it has been repaired and worked on to become what it is now. It boasts a plumbing with a grey water system, electricity, bathroom, shower with lovable loo (a eco friendly earth based waste system). A open porch and meditation tower now sits along side the house. (Please feel free to check out the meditation tower.)

Added since 2014 have been the studio (otherwise known as the Moose hut). The stage and open air amphitheater where there are occasional live performances by the resident band, Mondo Jelly Kings, as well as other bands.

In 2015 we erected the yurt complete with dome viewing area, grill and gated deck which has become a popular attraction most weekends with a back basics feel and a little luxury thrown in.
The garage was built in 2016 and is where the communal area is set up with microwave, laundry facilities and other creature comforts if nature becomes to much. over the garage is a private apartment where the owners Matt and Fran live and is called the Owlery. Also on the side of that building are two toilets and showers which were built following the installation of a well an septic in 2016 specifically for use of campers and yurt guests. There are various designated camping sites on the property usually with a fire pit or webber grill with lid. One especially favored spot overlooks the stage and has great views.
As well as Thrashers Creek which flows besides the property, there is a duck pond where our resident ducks hang out. Chickens and guinea fowl can be found wandering around Arcadia. Two friendly dogs who live at Arcadia, also cats, who largely live outside.

As well as the lower 25 acres of mainly wooded mountainside, there is a further 58 acres upwards leading to the George Washington National forest. There are many trails to explore and lots of hidden gems to see on the mountain. If you wish to explore, especially further up the mountain: please go prepared with water, snacks, warm clothes, good footwear and please let someone know that you are going. You can easily get turned around on the mountain and the mist That decend quickly can be confusing, so don’t take a trek up the mountain lightly. Wild animals, including bears, snakes, opossum and racoon live on the mountain. We try to live and let live. and have a good report with most of our neighbors. So please respect neighbors boundaries which are fairly well signposted.

Arcadia Sanctuary is pagan based and we welcome all who will come and respect us and what we have here. We encourage new beginnings and onward journeys. Harm none, but do as though will. Arcadia Sanctuary is a place of retreat from the world. We ask that you do not remove or move statues or objects placed on the alters (feel free to leave your own offering and respect the sacred spaces that have been created here.
Please enjoy your visit. We hope you leave feeling that you are rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. We look forward to welcoming you back.


The closest towns are Buena Vista and Amherst.  Larger cities in the vicinity include Lynchburg, Staunton, Charlottesville, and Roanoke. 

The nearest restaurants are at least 20 miles away along Route 29 and Route 60.  There are no grocery stores.  The nearest Walmart is 30 miles away in Madison Heights, VA.  The nearest Food Lion 18 miles away in Amherst.  Ogden's Grocery is a small gas station and convenience store and is 7 miles away along Route 60 near where it intersects with Road 631.

The closest major airports are likely either the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport (approximately 1.25 hours away) or the Roanoke-Blacksburg Regional Airport (approximately 1.5 hours away). 


Average temperature reports for Amherst County, VA in October show highs around 70 degrees and and lows in the mid-40s.


The address is 1658 Thrasher's Creek Road, Amherst, VA. 24521.

Additional directions will be added later.




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