This is a possible schedule for the gathering.  We are still in the early stages of planning and will continue to add and edit this schedule until the gathering begins. 

Draft Schedule:

Times and workshops are tentative and subject to change.


1pm -- Staff arrive, checks in, and starts setting up camp.

4pm and later – Everyone else arrives, checks in, and sets up camp.

6pm – Dinner

7pm – Introduction and Icebreaker around the campfire

8-10pm -- Drum and fire circle

10pm -- Moonlight Spirit Walk


8am – Breakfast

9am – Morning Moot

9:30am -- Welcome Talk: "What is Arcadia?  Presented by Mel Mystery.

10am – Workshop: Paganism for Newbies.  Looking for a presenter.  

11am – Panel Discussion:  Arcadia and Utopias.

12noon – Lunch and free time

2pm – Workshop: Dating the Greek Gods, Part 1.

3pm -- Workshop: Working with Pan.  Looking for a presenter or a panel.

4pm - Afternoon hike

5pm – Dinner

7pm -- Free time

8-10pm – Pan at the Disco


8am – Breakfast

9am – Morning Moot

10am – Interest Meeting:  Creating an Arcadian Brotherhood.  Hosted by Mel Mystery.

11am -- Panel Discussion: Is there a place for sexuality in the sacred? 

12noon – Lunch and free time

2pm – Workshop: Dating the Greek Gods, Part 2.

3pm – Crafts:  Mask Making.

4pm - Presentation and Discussion: Where do we go from here?  Hosted by Mel Mystery.

5pm – Dinner

7pm – Main Ritual: The Rite of Pan.

8-10pm – Drum and Fire Circle


9am – Closing ceremonies

10am -- Break Camp

12noon – Lunch and wrap-up meeting for anyone who wants to stay