TBD: Will depend on the campground we choose.

Cell phone and computer policy

Consider unplugging for the weekend! Connect with nature, spirituality, and other people at the gathering!  Focus on the here and now!  Take a break from your regular contacts and obligations!  Frequent texting and phone calls can distract from the atmosphere of the gathering!

If you absolutely must stay connected, please keep your devices on silent or vibrate and take or make any calls or texts you need to away from the main campsites, workshops, rituals, and other group activities.

There will be one designated staff cell phone that will remain on (but silent) throughout the day so incoming guests can call to locate us. The staff cell phone will also be on in case of emergency.

WiFi availability will depend on the campground we choose.


Photography will be allowed during the event and a staff photographer may be taking pictures for promoting future events. If you wish to take photos, please ensure that those persons in the photos do not mind being photographed. As with the cell phone and computer policy, please keep photography during the gathering as unobtrusive as possible.

Weapons / Bladed Ritual Tools

TBD:  Will depend on the campground we choose.


TBD:  Will depend on the campground we choose.

Nudity / Ritual Garb

TBD: Will depend on the campground we choose.

Stolen / Lost Items

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  We recommend that you keep any valuables, wallets, cash, etc. on your person or locked out of sight in your vehicle.


This event is open to men over the age of 18. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted.

Work Shifts

All attendees are required to sign-up for one or more work shifts / tasks throughout the weekend. Primary work shifts may involve helping to cook, cleaning up, getting firewood, tending the fire, announcing workshops.  Leading a workshop or serving on a panel discussion counts as one work shift.  We will have a work shift sign up sheet when you check-in to the gathering.  If you wish to lead a workshop or serve on a panel, this should be arranged before the gathering.  For more information, see the "Workshop Descriptions" and "Workshop Proposals" items in the "Arcadia Gathering Menu" to the right of this page.

Quiet Hours

TBD:  Will depend on the campground we choose.

Park Rules and Laws

Park rules and state laws supersede any policies we have for the gathering.